Priorities – People, Planet, Profit

Spotlight on Healthcare

HEALTHCARE SECURITY IS CRUCIAL FOR ECONOMIC FAIRNESS. Fear of losing healthcare coverage and surprise medical bills is holding Wisconsin back.
I want Wisconsinites to plan for our futures not for our fears.

As your representative, I’ll get our state government working to make healthcare work for our citizens, not just for outside special interest groups:

  • Let’s protect patients with pre-existing conditions.
  • Let’s expand Medicaid in Wisconsin – improving quality and accessibility of care, freeing up nearly $400M in the general state budget.
  • Let’s take steps to ensure that insured patients don’t have to choose between life-saving medication and feeding and housing and caring for their families.



I will fight to adequately fund our schools. Wisconsinites have long recognized that strong public education benefits everyone. I will work to restore the Wisconsin Idea of providing high quality education to all of our citizens.

Common Sense Gun Reform

I will work to increase safety to our schools and neighborhoods while honoring Wisconsin’s tradition of outdoor sportsmanship. As a mother of two, I understand the importance of keeping schools and households safe. I am committed to common-sense gun reform.

Human Trafficking

The Greater Milwaukee region has become known nationally as a hub for sex trafficking, and it’s a problem that occurs in every county in Wisconsin. We need a champion in Madison to both rescue and protect our kids from this multibillion dollar criminal industry. I am already a known and vocal advocate at the state and national level. Help give me a bigger bullhorn.


Parks for the People

Generations of Wisconsinites have set aside land for the enjoyment of its citizens. People love hiking, biking, camping, and hosting family cookouts in our parks. We need to preserve these traditions.

Clean Air & Water

Clean air and water are fundamental to all life. I will work to protect our natural resources.

Environmental Technology: Transportation & Renewable Energies

We should be investing in technologies that protect both the planet and human prosperity.


Advocate for Economic Fairness

We need an economy that works for ALL. I will work for economic policies that work for the citizens of the 14th district. I will prioritize the prosperity of Wisconsin families ahead of pressure from special interest groups. I represent the voice of the small business owners, working parents, young adults climbing the ladder, and empty nesters who want to live in a thriving community. I believe our community thrives when all of our citizens thrive.

Rebuild our Neglected Infrastructure

A robust and modern infrastructure is vital for a vibrant and growing economy. Unfortunately, neglect has damaged our state’s infrastructure – hindering our economic growth. We need to invest in our infrastructure, finish the Zoo Interchange, and expand broadband access across our state.

Eliminate Taxpayer Waste and Restore Responsible Budgeting

Too often “waste” and “spending” get confused. Spending on schools? Helps everyone: kids, parents, property owners. Spending on unnecessary projects, special interests, and political favors? That’s waste. Let’s find it, eliminate it, and use those resources to lift our communities. We don’t have to spend more money; we have to spend the right money. And not a dollar more.