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Robyn represents you and your family, NOT special interests.

In her two terms in the State Assembly, Democrat Rep. Robyn Vining introduced the Mental Healthcare Is Healthcare package, Mainstreet Recovery package, EpiAccess, Go Big for Small Business, Forward on Climate legislation, Healthcare Heroes, Fair Maps, Universal Changing Stations, Less for RX (diabetes medication), and continues to advocate for strengthening public education for every child. She is a tireless listener and fighter – for US.

For the Love of Wisconsin

I am running for re-election For the Love of Wisconsin. 

For the love of our communities and the challenges many of us are facing with the cost of living increasing and our dreams resting on the horizon.

For the love of this earth and our climate.

For the love of promises we make as a society to each other: human rights, education, and healthcare.

For the love of our children and their futures: with healthcare, mental health, and safety they deserve.

For the love of Wisconsin, I am in this race. I hope I can earn your vote so I can fight for your family as if you’re my own.

For the love of our state and us, the people,
Robyn Vining

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Visit her legislative homepage, or her official web site, call (608) 266-9180, or email her at Rep.Vining@legis.wisconsin.gov.

our mission

“Never forget that justice is what love looks like in public.”

– Dr. Cornel West –

Faces of the 14th


I received a voicemail from Representative Vining – not from an assistant, not from a staffer, from her. She called to thank my husband. She called to thank me and my family. She shared her gratitude and expressed her hopes that we would find rest during a stressful time. I was blown away. Never had I had a politician reach out to me in such a personal way. THIS is why I will be voting for Robyn Vining. Her slogan “Love Wins” is not just some catchy tagline. Robyn Vining demonstrates this day after day, and she has my support.

Faces of the 14th


Robyn truly cares. From keeping me updated on progress, to personally calling me to see if we needed anything during lockdown, to nominating me for an award (which I won!!), she has shown she listens and takes action to help and never gives up.

Show the love for District 14!

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