Aliza and Nick

I am voting to re-elect Robyn because she is a champion for all of her constituents. She listens to her community to ensure she is a true representative of our voices and values. Robyn is grounded and empathetic to the issues and concerns in our district, and takes action to make positive change.

When I ran into her at a neighborhood event, I wanted to say a quick hello and thank her for her work, but she insisted that we sit down together and asked me “What issues do you care about? What matters to you?” She listened as I shared my thoughts on relevant issues and my hopes for our community, and she shared the legislation she has introduced and supported to move us all forward. That personal and authentic interaction seems rare these days in politics, but Robyn is continually here for the people.

As an educator, I know that an equitable and accessible education where every voice matters is vital for a thriving democracy. Robyn’s commitment to those who often face systemic barriers is evident in her legislation and fights for gender equality, women’s and children’s rights, affordable healthcare, fair maps, climate action, strong public schools, and more.

As a Jewish woman, I count on Robyn to stand up for the most vulnerable in our world, those who are marginalized, disenfranchised, discounted, and targeted by hate. Our community flourishes when it is safe, healthy, and inclusive of people of all identities, genders, sexualities, cultures, ethnicities, religions, ages, and abilities and disabilities.

We need leaders in office who sit down to listen to their neighbors’ stories of both success and struggle. Robyn is that leader. She puts humanity and humble service back into government. I trust Robyn to continue her outstanding work in the legislature and that is why I am proudly voting for Robyn again and invite you to do the same!” -Aliza