As a mother, wife, friend, daughter, sister and Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I have had the opportunity to interact with a wide range of individuals in my life. What I know to be true from these interactions is that behind every individual is an untold story. Community building and change does not come from fervently posting on social media, but instead when our stories are shared. Change results from personal conversation, communication, and relationship building. I personally do not believe an elected official can make substantial change alone. It is up to each of us to VOTE for candidates who have empathy for others’ experiences, a desire to work with individuals with different perspectives, the curiosity to find out the facts, and the energy to constructively dialogue with others. From this, growth and change can happen.

Robyn Vining is such a leader and candidate. Robyn works hard to learn the stories of her community and supports the individuals and organizations working hard for our community each and every day. Robyn takes time to understand issues and concerns of her constituents, and then diligently works to champion those causes that matter the most. Having elected officials who have such skills enable community members and community serving organizations to do their own good work and do it better. Each of us can make positive impacts in our community, whether in personal or professional capacities, when we have elected officials who support us and work beside us. And Robyn has proven, again and again, that she supports the community she serves and is willing to work side by side with us for the betterment of all. Love Wins with Robyn, each and every day. -Barb