“My husband and I have three young boys. As parents, we have an awesome responsibility to set a positive example, teach them values, and help mold them into decent human beings who care about others and the word they live in. Our goal is to raise our boys to be kind, respectful, decent, inquisitive, and full of positive character. And we know that they—like all children—are constantly watching us adults as examples and guidance for “how to be.”

Lately, our family has had many conversations about civics, government and leadership.  We discuss the importance of leaders doing their jobs with integrity, working hard, caring about others and advocating for the people they represent. We also discuss the importance of “walking the talk.” Robyn is a leader who exemplifies ALL of these values…someone who leads with integrity and who we, as an entire family, appreciate and are proud to have representing us and our community. We know how much she cares, how hard she works, how talented she is at building coalitions and how above board she is. We are grateful for her, the incredible leader she is, and the amazing example she is for our boys.” -Beth