Robyn Vining is one of the most fundamentally decent and kind people I have ever met.  I was fortunate enough to get to know her a little during her first campaign, and over the last two years I’ve seen again and again how hard she has thrown herself into this role. Robyn takes her job seriously. She takes her responsibility to the people of this district seriously. She believes that a government by, of and for the people should actually WORK for the people. Robyn has spent every day of this term working as hard as she can to be a more effective advocate for her constituents, even those constituents who might not vote for her.

Some of our elected officials are so profoundly and corrosively cynical about their roles and their obligations. That cynicism and selfishness makes it easy to just give up any faith at all in government or in the future of this country. For me, Robyn Vining has been the antidote to some of the more poisonous byproducts of the current moment. If there is a person as caring, as kind and as energetic as Robyn Vining in the statehouse, and if she’s willing to keep fighting each and every day for me, then who am I to stop fighting? 

I am so proud to call Robyn Vining my friend, and I hope that I will be fortunate enough to be able to call her my state representative for years to come. – Bob