As a first-generation college student, I built up a drive to give back to the country and community that afforded me a college degree, a safety net and ultimately upward mobility. After college, I served two years in the National AmeriCorps Program, volunteering for rural and urban communities in different parts of the country. After using my AmeriCorps educational award for graduate school, I proceeded to work for non-profits and colleges in several states across the country, focused on issues of social justice, college access and community engagement. I now direct a social justice program at Marquette University. 

With each person I met, each new culture I learned about and every new community I was immersed in, I couldn’t ignore the many stories of people’s lives that were not given the same, equal opportunity that I was afforded. Just because something worked for me in this country does not mean it works for everyone. I do my best to listen to all voices, especially those that are often silenced or ignored. 

I vote for Robyn because she works for all people. She believes in justice for all. She believes in an economy, a health care system and public education that supports everyone. We need more of Robyn Vining. – Carie