I first met Robyn over a decade ago on the playground at Roosevelt Elementary, where our firstborns started junior kindergarten together. When I mentioned the youth and family serving non-profit organization I worked for, the typical parent drop off hellos turned into a walk to Cranky Al’s for a cup of coffee topped with hours of heartfelt conversation that has continued on since. 

The theme that day and in every single conversation I’ve had with Robyn since is the value of people.  

I know I am not unique in this. Robyn turns every exchange she has with every human she meets into meaningful conversation and then action. She does not just see faces, she sees stories in humans and she deeply cares about yours. 

We are in a critical point of time in our history and while there is a lot of pain and uncertainty, there is opportunity. 

I am voting for Representative Vining because she believes every single human deserves the same opportunities for success in life while acknowledging the reality that we live in a world where the playing field has never been level across race and gender. 

Robyn listens and has demonstrated she will make every leadership decision considering equity. 

Robyn wants change and is committed her life to being on the side of history where progress is made.  

Robyn has always been for the people with her whole heart and mind. Representative Vining is for US, the people of District 14, who want ALL people in our community to be valued, heard, safe and thriving. – Deb