With so much division in our country right now, we need leaders who will step up and give a voice to their constituents.  That is what a representative is supposed to do.  What I love and admire about Robyn is her work ethic.  She does not stop.  Every free moment is spent engaging with her constituents and trying to figure out how to best address their concerns and issues.  She makes herself accessible and wants to hear from us.  She makes every effort to respond to every phone call, letter and email so her constituents know their voices are being heard.  Then she takes their voice and amplifies it.  This is how a representative should work.  This is what good government looks like.  I support Robyn because she not only fights for my voice to be heard, but she fights for all of the voices in the 14th District.  And she is fighting to ensure that all Wisconsin voices be heard through her Fair Maps for Wisconsin initiative. – Elizabeth