Endorsed by Unions, married to a Union member!

I am the daughter of a public school teacher, the wife of a professor, and the mother of two kids who grew up in the Wauwatosa public schools. I know the value of work, and how important it is to respect and honor the dignity of work and workers. Unions make the American Dream possible, and unions created the middle class!

Workers Should Profit When Their Employers Profit

Union contracts ensure that wages keep pace with economic growth. Protecting wages, insurance, working conditions ensures that your job is a living, and that your life can be lived. As your representative, I want EVERYONE in Wisconsin to get a fair shake. 

Milwaukee has a long progressive history of labor leading the way. It was here unions fought for and birthed the weekend, the 40 hour workweek, and the 8 hour workday! This is who we are as a state! The birth of unions in the early 1900s ensured that workers would have protections from their wealthy and powerful employers. 

For the last decade Wisconsin unions have been under attack by special interests who value profit over people, and want to make it easier to exploit workers. I have proudly stood in opposition to these attacks on workers!

Endorsed by Unions in Our Community

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