Good Government

Promoting Good Government

I’m tired of this argument of big government or small government. What the people want is better government, good government. 

Wisconsinites deserve a fair and transparent government. My first piece of legislation that I worked on when I got to Madison was to create a non-partisan redistricting commission, removing the ability for the people in power to use that power to protect their own jobs, and their own political party’s power. Speaker Vos responded to this challenge by saying he wouldn’t pass it, but I achieved 5x as many bipartisan co-sponsors than the last session, and I will keep fighting for the voters to pick their politicians, instead of the politicians picking their voters! The people of Wisconsin deserve fair maps. 

Property Tax Relief & Transparency

Wisconsin has some of the highest property taxes in the nation. I support closing the Dark Store Loophole, which shifts the tax burden from large corporations to homeowners and small businesses. Wisconsinites deserve to know where their taxes are going. 

I also co-authored a bill to increase transparency on property tax bills.

Eliminate Taxpayer Waste and Restore Responsible Budgeting

Too often “waste” and “spending” get confused. Spending on schools? Helps everyone: kids, parents, property owners. Spending on unnecessary projects, special interests, and political favors? That’s waste. Let’s find it, eliminate it, and use those resources to lift our communities. We don’t have to spend more money; we have to spend the right money. And not a dollar more.

How Special Interest Groups Affect Madison

Special interests have gained far too much power in Madison. In my first term, I quickly learned that Republican Speaker Vos gives the lobbyists that represent his biggest donors a special lapel pin to wear when they visit freshmen Republican offices. What kind of government does that build? A government for the people? No! It’s time to cut the power special interests have in Madison, and return the power to the people.

Working Together in Madison

The number one concern I hear in Brookfield is concern the two parties aren’t working together. Bipartisanship is a value of mine, it’s what the people want, and it’s what the people deserve.  

I believe any two people can sit down and find common ground, find a common path forward on any number of issues. It’s with that spirit I’ve carefully crafted legislation during my first term that’s received the bipartisan support needed to move forward. I know the people want us to “sit down and get something done!”, and I work hard to do just that.