Healing our Kids & Communities

Do you remember the weekend of March 14, 2020? I do. It was the start of a really challenging time for most of us. There was fear, division, and a lot of unknowns. I was worried for my children, my parents, my grandmother and myself.

We saw how much schools and teachers matter to students. Without those structures and supports, many parents felt that their children were unanchored.

Mental Healthcare is Healthcare

Until we heal the mental health crisis that is hurting kids and communities, how can we heal from the devastating blows our communities have felt? When I spoke with experts about their concerns for Wisconsin children in February 2020, before the pandemic, they told me that mental health had reached a crisis point.  The pandemic has made this much, much worse for Wisconsin families.

We must use every tool to bring mental healthcare within reach and easy access of our communities to weave a brighter, stronger future for EVERY Wisconsin resident, and especially for District 14. That is why I introduced the Mental Healthcare is Healthcare legislative package— to help children, schools, college students, and veterans.

Rainy Day Fund Access When We Need It

Did you know that the state currently has a $5 BILLION surplus? A lot of that taxpayer money is being held in a “rainy day fund”. Governor Evers has tried repeatedly to release these funds to help our local community, schools, childcare and caregiver expenses, and return money to you, the tax payer!

Giving rainy day funds to schools could help overcome the headwinds of the last three years with mental health supports and academic supports to address learning gaps. Students who have struggled the most would benefit from these supports the most. Why wouldn’t we want to invest in our kids? When we invest in Wisconsin kids, we invest in Wisconsin’s future. It is time to return tax dollars to local communities where they can do the most good.