When my children were writing out their Vote Your Values postcards for Robyn, my oldest daughter wrote: “Vote for strong and smart women.” As a family with three young daughters and one son, that is exactly the kind of message we want to send to our kids. 

We live in a community with so many smart, strong, motivated women, and Robyn is a shining example of that. Among her many values that I align myself with, I know that Robyn is looking out for women, our rights, our voices, and our ideas. I love the fact that Robyn had a full career before she made this transition, and that’s something that I want my children to know and take value in and be inspired by. 

Robyn is an active listener and communicator, and she represents what so many of us in East Tosa value: community, equity, and our public schools, to name a few. Robyn has also taken the time to speak to my oldest daughter’s class about what their values are and what is important to them, which made quite an impression on my oldest.  Robyn is a mom, a career woman, a representative, and a go-getter. She had a vision and made it happen. I am proud to have her represent our district. I am even prouder when we walk our dog by her house and my kids say, “That’s where Robyn lives.” And having four young children, three of whom are daughters, I want them to look to Robyn and know that they have a strong and smart woman who is looking out for them and their community and that as young children, they have a true and wonderful example of a woman who will speak and stand up for her values. Women supporting women. – Jen