Our family transplanted to Wauwatosa 20 years ago. On the surface, everything was wonderful about our new location – beautiful streets, quaint homes, sidewalks, shops, and walkable schools; there seemed to be a true sense of neighborhood in the community. Our son was born 6 weeks prior to 9/11, and everyone was taking care of each other. 

However, if we’re honest and vulnerable, our feelings became guarded over time as we learned about the deep segregation, racial profiling, and redlining practices in Wauwatosa. We soon realized that the culturally diverse neighborhood we’d thought we’d chosen so close to a major city, was nothing like the suburban neighborhood we had left. Over time we met great friends and neighbors through school and our community involvement that kept us here. 

In recent years, we have witnessed the ugliness of hate instilled largely by fear and deep seated biases. So when I read Robyn’s campaign signs that state, “Love Wins,” I have to believe that we’re all capable of doing and becoming better because I know Robyn is fighting for all of us to be our best. Whether it’s her work in establishing fair maps, fighting sex trafficking, working fairly on bi-partisan issues like healthcare, education, common sense gun control, or small business viability, I know she will put her community first because she is present and committed. This community has incredible potential and some great attributes, but it still needs healing and people coming together to combat hate and allow Love to Win together. – Jessica