I am a public communication professor, a District 14 resident, a father, and Representative Vining’s husband. 

In the past four years, we have experienced the impact the words of government leaders can have on a nation. I study and teach public communication, a field over 2000 years old, and have a deep conviction that words matter. Words are actions that shape our understanding, values, and behaviors. In an age of destructive and divisive rhetoric, particularly in the political arena, Representative Vining displays a better way. She displays the composure, moral center, and intelligence to speak and write in ways that call us together and calls us to be the best versions of ourselves. We are a better district and a better state with Representative Vining’s voice speaking with us and on our behalf. 

As a resident of the 14th, I am grateful to have a State Representative who works hard, communicates with constituents, and values the good of the people over political power plays and special interest groups. 

As a father, I am grateful to have a State Representative who cares about children and youth, advocates policies that strengthen the present and future of the state, and models honorable public service to the next generation. 

Finally, as Rep. Robyn’s spouse, I am proud to say this is all genuine. What you see with Robyn is not some carefully constructed political persona. Robyn genuinely cares. Her care for people is what drives her. There are easy ways to do politics – find big money special interest groups, party powerful, and expensive marketing teams and just follow their orders. Robyn rejects the easy path. Instead, Robyn takes the hard road, because she believes it is right and best for the people. Robyn displays her true self to the people. She takes time – lots of time – listening to and talking with constituents of various perspectives. She diligently researches issues in order to find best ways forward. She actually reads, no – she studies, the bills that she votes on. She doesn’t let outside money or partisan gamesmanship get in the way of doing what is in the best interest of the people of the 14th District. In short, she does the hard work of actually representing the people. In our age of cynicism about politics, I know it might be hard to believe, but, as her spouse, I can tell you that Representative Robyn Vining is the real thing – a leader who cares about the people. (No – I did not get out of doing any household chores by writing this.)  -Jim