“I am one of the volunteers helping to bring these Faces of the 14th stories to social media, and it has been one of the brightest points in this challenging year. I believe that Robyn and leaders like her can truly change this world. Being able to help amplify the work she is doing, and the impact it has made across our community, is one of the most rewarding things I’ve done this year.

Through collecting and listening to your stories, I get to see so much love, so much care, and so much hope for the future. This year is hard, this period is hard. But if Faces of the 14th and supporting Robyn Vining’s reelection has taught me anything, it’s that we can do this hard thing. We can put the right people in office that help us work for a better, more equitable world.

I believe that all people deserve a fair shot at a good life. They deserve to be supported, to be loved, to be listened to, and to be cared for. I think our government can do this; in fact, I think our government should do this. We have enough that we can hold up those less fortunate and provide opportunities for a better life.

When I vote, I look for leaders who are passionate about protecting our most vulnerable. Robyn Vining is that leader. Before she even entered a race for public office, she was a founding board member of Exploit No More, an organization that works to end child sex trafficking. Since she started working in the State Assembly, Robyn has worked on issues like improving maternal health, lowering prescription drug costs, advocating for universal changing stations, and more.

Robyn leads by listening and caring. It doesn’t matter who you are – Robyn will stop and listen to your story. She will really, truly listen and then she’ll turn around and advocate for you. I think this is unique, but I also think it’s essential. We elect our representatives to represent us, and I am proud to have Rep Robyn representing us so well in Madison.” – Joanna