Robyn’s community work with Exploit No More meant that I knew of Robyn before I met her. A friend of mine mentioned that there was a local photographer who was also working to end child sex trafficking in Wisconsin. Smart, passionate, and committed were words my friend used to describe Robyn and her work. When I met Robyn several years later, she was about to announce her run for the 14th District. After learning about her stance on issues we knew I had to get behind her campaign. It is so rare to find someone who is personable, passionate, policy-minded, and equity-focused.

Robyn’s campaign was my entry into local Wisconsin politics. My family and I donated money, knocked doors, and talked to anyone who would listen about my belief in Robyn’s candidacy. By supporting her campaign, I felt like I was heeding the advice to be the change I wanted to see in the world.

Fast forward from candidate to representative. We are so proud that Robyn represents our district. Her commitment to fairness and equity is unmatched. From authoring the Fair Maps legislation to working to ensure that all kids have access to high-quality education, Robyn works tirelessly to improve our community. Robyn has been an advocate for families, teachers, and schools for a long time and that has only increased since she took office. In the face of governmental division that would discourage many, Robyn continues to work across the aisle, ensuring bipartisan support to advance legislation to improve our community and Wisconsin. -Jody