Robyn Vining stands up for me and my family.  Robyn Vining stands up for you.

I met Robyn Vining about a decade ago when I was introduced to her photography work.  She has a unique sense of natural observation that reaches beyond the surface to the core of one’s presence.  This ability to see beyond the surface is embodied in the way she communicates and exchanges thoughts and ideas within our community.

My story…..  

I am a son of Congolese Immigrants living in a mixed family with a white wife, three biracial children and two black nephews.

We have become a regular participant at many events and social gatherings within the 14th District prior to CoViD-19.  

I have lived in many parts of America’s “red” and “blue” states and can unequivocally say that this American generation is the most diverse in its historical context and in my lived experience, with much greater acceptance and celebrations of the racial/cultural differences between us, more so than ever before. At the same time, news headlines have shown that others have reverted into America’s dark history of divisiveness when it comes to race, ethnicity and religion.  This is driven by fear and an unwillingness for our political leaders to collectively lead.  

With Robyn Vining, it’s different.  

For her, it’s not an either or situation, Democrats versus Republicans, liberals versus conservatives, black versus white, etc…; It’s a matter of policy and doing what’s best to meet the needs of the people in this community and in the State of Wisconsin.  

For example, it’s a matter of affordable healthcare legislation, gun sense legislation that allows for the constitutional freedoms bestowed upon citizens from the very beginning of our history.  It is about keeping our children and families safe, nonpartisan “fair” redistricting so the underrepresented groups can have a voice in the community. 

Robyn continues to show leadership when it comes to CoViD-19, by having introduced and advocating for the Healthcare Heroes Act, which would provide hazard pay, paid sick leave, and healthcare coverage to frontline healthcare workers. 

Robyn supports public education! She strongly supports taxpayers’ funds funding public schools and not private school vouchers. As an educator for over 10 years, I have witnessed the negative effects of diverting funds intended for all students to instead serve a select few.   

These are the best and worst of times but the good news is that we have an opportunity to re-elect Robyn Vining as our state assembly person. 

Robyn Vining is my family’s state assembly person and the best state assembly person who will move us all “Forward Together!”

Please join me in voting for Robyn Vining this November!! – Kasongo