Hello Friends! Kelcey here to share my story. I’m an educator and small business owner of your favorite local eco-art studio Cloud 9 Workshop. I live in Wauwatosa with my family including: my husband, three children and two nephews. 

This past year, for me, has involved countless conversations among my friends both Republicans and Democrats, city dwellers and certified Yoopers, new moms and retired teachers, Christians and agnostics. While we differ on many, many topics WE ALL AGREE on this. We don’t need politicians who divide us. WE NEED public officials who listen and work to unite our visions, our hopes, our desires and our needs to develop solutions and introduce bills that serve ALL people! In the 14th District, that person is Robyn Vining.

I have always believed that what makes us great is also our biggest challenge. We are a great diverse country of unique individuals and independent thinkers. As unique individuals and independent thinkers we are challenged to remain respectful and united as a Nation in order to protect the rights, visions and dreams of ALL people. We need to elect public officials, like Robyn, who commit themselves to solving people issues not party issues. 

For now, I share one final story.

Earlier this month, during at-home learning, I announced it was recess and all children needed to get outside and move their bodies. My nephew chose to go for a walk to the library. As he reached the library, my black 12-year-old nephew turned back to look at a car that had stopped in the road just behind him. The older white man driving the car felt emboldened to threaten my nephew shouting, “You’re next %*.” 

After the incident, I contacted Robyn to share my nephew’s personal experience as a 12-year-old black child living in the 14th District. I wanted my representative to know we need her strong leadership now more than ever and to say, thank you.  

THANK YOU, Robyn, for remaining positive and loving in all the work you do. We don’t need more divisive hate. LOVE WINS! – Kelcey