As an attorney, I have always been interested in policies and our statutes, but for some reason, I never was involved politically. That changed in 2017 and I started to pay better attention to my local elections and those who were representing me. A friend told me about this new candidate for my state assembly, Robyn Vining. I enjoyed the energy she brought to the campaign and how it was clear through every communication that she really and truly cared about her future constituency.

The first time I knocked on doors was with Robyn. Over those hours of walking together in Brookfield, I got to know Robyn better. She has a huge heart and wants to do what is best for her voters. Most impressive to me was her willingness to admit to what she did not know, and her eagerness to fill in those gaps. Even though Robyn meets hundreds of people, she always remembered me. In fact, when I ran into her last year, she reported back to me about something we had discussed during that afternoon of door-knocking in 2018. Robyn is everything you hope for in a politician: smart, hard-working, responsive, caring — the list goes on. It feels great to know that my elected official truly cares about each person in her district. Let’s get Robyn back to the capitol, where she can keep helping AD14. – Krista