I have been passionate about ethical politics for years. My love of law and finding candidates for the people started when I was at Marquette University. I actively worked on Presidential and Senate campaigns and truly saw how one person can make a difference in democracy.

When the current administration won and I started to see changes at a state level, I knew I had to get actively involved again. Not just for myself and the democracy I love but for my kids.

I knew Robyn through a very special friend of mine. But I really met Robyn when I volunteered with my kids, and it was awesome! What was the best is that she talked to my 7- & 8-year-olds just as kindly as she would to an adult. Robyn took the time to explain what their actions for canvassing meant for our state government. 

Robyn embodies the kindness, grace, assertiveness, and collaboration we need in our government to help foster all in our society. Robyn supports our community sincerely and she is also strong enough to have the hard conversations when needed. 

She is the best representative for myself and my kids and my community because she is inclusive. – Laura