The 14th district of Wisconsin, specifically Wauwatosa, has been home to me my entire life. I had a magical childhood here. My friends and I played outside every summer night until the street lights came on when we were young, and after the street lights came on when we were older. My friends and I shared houses, families, dinners, and values. My education was stellar: I attended Roosevelt Elementary School, Longfellow Middle School, and West High School. I remember every single one of my teachers and the impact they had on my life. When I moved away for college, I could never find another city that felt quite right. There is something special about Wauwatosa. When my husband and I met, he was living in Arizona, but I convinced him to move to Wauwatosa with me. I told him there was no better place–ten years later, he still agrees. He began working here to educate the city’s children. Eventually, I also began working in the city as a teacher. Our two children attend school here, and we have firmly rooted our lives in this incredible community. 

My entire family works in public service, so voting my values has always been easy for me. My family and Wauwatosa have shaped my values and I know what is important to me: education and community. These are the values my husband and I are passing down to our daughters. Robyn Vining’s reelection is critical to our community and the state of Wisconsin. She is speaking for everyone–not only those who vote for her. We are a community that works together, united not divided, and Robyn helps unite us. Hers is not a campaign of fear, but a campaign of promise, hope, and ideas. Please join me this November in voting for Robyn Vining to continue representing the incredible 14th district of Wisconsin–we are a wonderful community, and we deserve a representative as wonderful as Robyn.