I have been passionate about politics since taking a government class in high school.  I didn’t really get involved much in my adult life until moving to Tosa in 2017. I first met Robyn when we attended an East Tosa Moms’ Huddle meeting. When she announced she was running for assembly not long after, I was excited that someone in my neighborhood who was so passionate was running.  

Robyn represents my values as a mental health professional working in public schools and a mom. The issues that mean the most to me are mental health, education and gun control.  Robyn cares about these things and is willing to listen and learn from her constituents to make informed decisions.  Robyn is an example for my daughter of a strong woman who fights for what is right while still listening to other people and caring about their opinions. I am proud to know Robyn and have someone so compassionate represent us. – Lindsey