I am proudly voting for Robyn (again) in Nov 2020 because she is my State Rep that best represents myself and our family values. Both as a woman and a person of color, I strongly believe in Robyn’s political, professional, and personal beliefs and values. During these unprecedented times, life feels so uncertain and ever-changing. With her leadership and her drive to fight for what is right for all, I have confidence she will represent me as a voice that needs to be heard against the Wisconsin majority.

I also feel she fights and will continue to fight for me specifically as a person of color. Due to the lack of leadership (on a national level) and certain racist behaviors and values being encouraged, I often worry about xenophobic actions and words spoken toward myself and family members. I do believe I can speak to Robyn who hears my concerns and will put forth whatever actions need to be taken. 

I write this message with much emotion and even tears because things must change and move toward progress and be different than these last four years. I do believe it will with Robyn in office. – Liz