For the longest time, I was complacent with how people voted. As a permanent resident, I had many of the same rights as a citizen and voting didn’t seem like something that affected my day-to-day life.

The 2018 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School changed that. In the face of that terrible tragedy, I saw students rise up and start a movement against gun violence, and I realized I couldn’t stay complacent anymore. Enough was enough.

I got online and filled out the application for citizenship, telling my husband in the other room that I was spending the money necessary to become a US citizen. (It costs a lot to apply for citizenship!) Deep down I knew I needed to make my voice heard and not let others speak for me anymore.

In 2018 for the first time, I voted in the US. Robyn Vining was among the first candidates I voted for and I am proud to support her reelection campaign. Robyn cares deeply about kids and safety, and her work advocating against trafficking and protecting kids is incredibly important to me. My family comes first and foremost, and I know Robyn cares about my family and others in Wisconsin. – Lorena