Meet Rep. Robyn Vining

Smart, compassionate, and tenacious, Robyn Vining was the first Democrat to flip a legislative seat on some of the most gerrymandered maps in the country in 2018. She then came back in 2020 and defended that seat, winning by over 8 points. She’s now running for election a third time, once again facing one of the country’s worst gerrymanders.

See that map here.

Robyn’s mom was a dedicated public school teacher, her dad a financial strategist. Robyn is married to her husband of 21 years, a professor, and the two of them have raised their children in Wauwatosa, WI, where Robyn built her professional photography business from scratch more than a decade ago.

You’ll see her fierce work ethic and tenacity in Madison in the form of serving as ranking member on two committees, and sponsoring and co-sponsoring a massive number of pieces of legislation. Knowing what it feels like to be a mother who lost her health insurance while pregnant, being a WIC mom, facing her husband’s long-time unemployment, being a small business owner for more than a decade, and parenting through significant economic challenges, Robyn fights for families as if they’re her own. She often says her body still has the “muscle memory” to remember what those very hard days felt like, and she knows far too many Wisconsinites face similar challenges. People are her motivator, fairness and justice are her rally cry, and the reason she’s running for this third term is, “For the Love of Wisconsin.”

Rep. Robyn in Madison:

  • Committee on Health
  • Committee on Children & Families
  • Committees on Mental Health, Ranking Member
  • Small Business Development, Ranking Member
  • Special Committee on State-Tribal Relations
  • Milwaukee Delegation, Vice-Chair
  • Trails Caucus, Member
  • Bicameral Children’s Caucus, Member
  • Gun Violence Legislative Workgroup, Member
  • Labor Workgroup, Member
  • Women’s Health Workgroup, Member

More About Rep. Robyn Vining 

Compassionate & Tenacious Legislator

In her two terms as a State Representative, Rep. Robyn has been in the fight for reproductive rights, workers’ rights, LGBTQIA+ rights, and more. Rep. Robyn has led the charge to introduce the Mental Healthcare is Healthcare legislative package, introduced legislation to create Fair Maps for fair representation, wrote the Mainstreet Recovery Package to support small businesses as they recover from COVID-19, wrote Healthcare Heroes to show up for Healthcare workers as they showed up for us, worked to provide support to foster children and adoption programs, ensure healthcare coverage for maternity and newborn care, improve the cost and access of epinephrine, make prescription drugs more affordable, advocated for violence prevention and intervention legislation and funding (gun violence, domestic violence, etc),  fought for school funding, transit funding, and introduced legislation to make the world more accessible with Universal Changing Tables, and more! 

She has met with constituents across her district, on their doorsteps, in coffee shops, via zoom, hosting roundtables, and at events around our communities. One of her favorite things about being a legislator is greeting 4th grade classes at the State Capitol and asking them who they think her boss is. They typically guess the President, or the Governor. She likes to remind the students that THEY are her boss — she works for her constituents and her district, all the constituents of her district!

Committed Advocate & Successful Entrepreneur

Robyn is a founding member of Help Portrait Milwaukee and The Milwaukee Portrait Project, initiatives that serve some of the city’s most vulnerable citizens. She was awarded the United Way’s Philanthropic 5 award in 2013 and was named American Mothers’ Wisconsin Mother in 2017 in recognition of her commitment to our community. 

Robyn is a highly successful entrepreneur and small business owner. She has developed a reputation as one of the most in-demand photographers in Milwaukee. She attributes her success in business to her love for, understanding of, and dedication to people.

Robyn at Home

An active member of her community, Robyn is an avid outdoor runner, Hank Aaron trail rider, Legacy Gym enthusiast, food truck fan, dedicated theater buff, and lives in Wauwatosa with her husband (a professor) and their two children (who are awesome). The Vining family takes turns snuggling their two boxer pups, Coco and Bentley.

Robyn & her kids March on Madison, 2011
Mosaic of Vining Family photographs taken in an idyllic setting