Meg & Michela

“As my daughter prepares to vote for the first time, I’ve been reflecting on the first time I voted in a national election. Many of the issues we face today are versions of what we were focused on then; the economy, healthcare, job training, education, and the environment. Today, however on top of needing to work together to enact policy to address these issues, we are faced with an unraveling of our social contract and a general degradation of civility and respect.

This year I’m casting my ballot with a focus on addressing policy that can be done with honesty, empathy, kindness, and civility. I am voting for Robyn.” -Meg

“I just turned 18 and this will be my first election! While I didn’t expect to be voting for the first time by mail, I‘m really excited to be able to finally cast my ballot. Last year, I took American Public Policy (APPSE) where we specialized in arguing positions in specific legal areas while being judged by experts. Leading up to our competition, we relied on volunteers to test our knowledge on everything from the Constitution to current events. Mrs. Vining volunteered and brought her positive energy and attentive communication, which made us feel like our thoughts and options really did matter.”
I’m voting to uphold our democracy. I’m voting for kindness. I’m voting for an understanding representative who takes time from her busy schedule to come talk to students – not to get votes or donations but to hear what we have to say and show interest in our education. I’m voting for Mrs. Vining because she is what a representative is supposed to be – representative of our community.”