Mental Healthcare is Healthcare

COVID-19 Response

When the worldwide pandemic entered Wisconsin, I worked quickly to set partisan politics aside and communicate clearly, and regularly, with constituents. Afterall, pandemics aren’t partisan, and a good legislator doesn’t politicize a public health crisis– she helps her constituents know what they need to know to be safe.

 I launched a near-daily newsletter, a letter that received national recognition for being sensitive and effective, and immediately began work behind the scenes on behalf of small businesses and sole proprietors and independent contractors, because as a small business owner, I knew they were likely to take hard hits. I also moved swiftly into action to work toward a safer voting program during the pandemic.

My caucus fought to eliminate the 7-day waiting period for unemployment, pushing the Republicans to hurry up and vote, only to see them delay the vote which resulted in Wisconsin losing $25M in unemployment assistance from the federal government.

I also proposed amendments for vote-by-mail during the pandemic, child care assistance, and small business aid. Republicans shot down all three amendments.

And, after negotiating a COVID-19 related worker’s comp for first responders, the Republicans threw a last minute curve ball at us 10 minutes before the vote and eliminated this help. I voted to protect front line workers – every single Republican voted to take away their COVID-19 worker’s comp.

Support Our Healthcare Heroes

It’s the job of healthcare workers to take care of us, and now we need to take care of them. I introduced the Healthcare Heroes Act to provide hazard pay, paid sick leave, and healthcare coverage for COVID-19 testing and treatment to frontline healthcare workers during this pandemic. 

Unemployment Assistance

Wisconsinites have filed for unemployment assistance at unprecedented numbers due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I co-sponsored legislation with my Democratic colleagues in the legislature to reduce barriers to receiving unemployment insurance by making it easier to apply and by eliminating eligibility restrictions. We need to support Wisconsin families through this pandemic so they can make ends meet.