At the young age of 8 years old I became an activist. 

I was set off by the disastrous policies put forth by Scott Walker, the most disastrous being that he revoked collective bargaining rights. As a son of a teacher, I’ve seen how devastating ill-thought out policies can be and how they can impact everyday life. Because of this, I’ve grown up knowing how important It is to have elected officials be held accountable to the people above all else. 

I say this with the deepest sense of sincerity and respect that Robyn is truly an embodiment of how an ideal elected official carries herself. She is strong-willed, effective and above all, deeply rooted in her community. All of these skills make Robyn one of the best representatives in the state. I don’t mean that half-heartedly or out of spite, it’s been proven over and over that Robyn uses her power to fight for the people of the 14th, from her first piece of legislation to bring us fair legislative maps, to the Healthcare Heroes bill she just wrote and introduced to protect essential workers. Robyn truly wants to make Wisconsin a better place, not for herself, not for special interests, but for us, the people. 

It’s been an honor of my life to personally know and work with Rep. Vining, she has been such a great mentor and a role model for me and I cannot thank her enough for the opportunities she has given me that will last a lifetime. We all know Robyn will never forget about her values and who she works for, so let’s return our gratitude to Robyn by sending her back to the State House this fall to speak truth to power, justice and love. – Michael

Michael was one of Representative Vining’s interns. She started a high school intern program at the office to give opportunities to passionate, hard-working young people. Michael graduated from Wauwatosa West in May 2020, and hasn’t skipped a beat working toward the world he wants to fight for.