Robyn is the embodiment of servant leadership and the type of elected official Brookfield, Wauwatosa, and Milwaukee need. During a time of uber partisanship, Robyn finds ways to consistently work with people across the aisle to solve everyday problems. Whether it’s to help combat sex trafficking or to provide greater dignity and accommodations for disabled adults, Robyn is there fighting for families in her district. 

When you meet with Robyn, she always LISTENS first, and then asks, “What can I do to help?” Whether it’s a returned phone call, an email, or a meeting, Robyn always finds a way to respond to her constituents with empathy and care. I’m reminded of one story, where I let Robyn’s office know with less than 24 hours that some youth were doing a presentation to the Waukesha County Board on how they overcame opioid addiction to better their lives and eventually become peer mentors. I was elated to see Robyn show-up after a long-day in Madison taking notes on  the stories of these remarkable youth. She could have chosen to do anything else with that time, but she chose to prioritize listening and learning from her community. That’s just who she is. A strong and compassionate leader. My family and I are happy to support Robyn and we look forward to her re-election. – Mike