For the Love of Our American Dream

For centuries, the world has viewed the United States as a beacon of hope, opportunity and democracy. We have all grown up loving that promise and the dreams of opportunity that come with it.

Do you still feel it? Or do you sometimes feel like it is getting harder to stay where you are and even harder to get ahead? I have felt the frustration, I have lived it and I have tackled it.

The past few years have been hard on all of us – our neighbors braved the risk of COVID and long COVID to go their essential jobs in grocery stores, healthcare, restaurants, meat packing factories, the trades, teaching, and more. Some of us struggled to carry our businesses, some of us lost our businesses, some of us lost jobs as the economy struggled. Supply chains saw delays, and that difficulty was passed on to small business owners, and at the end of the day— our pocket books.

Stopping Opportunism, Creating Opportunity

Today, as we return to normal, some goods have risen in cost, others have stabilized, and still others are artificially made expensive by price gouging. A good and fair government will help us through the hard times, AND make sure that special interests don’t exploit hard times for their own benefit.

Fighting For Your Family Like I Fight For My Own

I work for YOU, whether you vote for me or not. That is part of how American Democracy should work.  When my children were small, I started a photography business that connected me with families throughout the Milwaukee suburbs. During my sessions with these families, I witnessed up close how much we all have in common—especially how much we love each other. All politics are local…very, very local. And they are local because they matter to those closest to us and to those we love.

I have raised both my children in this district, created my small business here, volunteered to make my community better, and for the last 4 years, had the honor to represent the people of Assembly District 14. I don’t work for special interests. I work for all my constituents. And I do all of this so that every single one of us has the opportunity to pursue OUR American Dreams.

Robyn & her kids March on Madison, 2011