Everyone has to drink our water. Everyone has to breathe our air. Our forests have to be clean and safe so that hunters can hunt animals that are healthy. Our fishermen need clean water to catch good quality fish. 

The environment affects all of us – rich and poor, young and old, urban and rural. It is a human issue and one that we cannot escape. Since the beginning of the year we have seen massive fires in Australia, in California, in Oregon, in Washington. The skies here in Wisconsin were impacted by the fires out West.

Climate change is a real issue, and there are so many changes we could be making right now that would make our lives more livable. Years ago, I met my husband when we were both canvassers for the Sierra Club. At that time, it didn’t seem like the issue of the climate caused such partisan division; it seemed like an issue we could really make progress on. Times have changed and Trump has rolled back many of the Green Power initiatives that the Obama administration put into place. What type of world are we building, and what type of world will we leave behind?

I first met Robyn at our block party, and I was instantly impressed by her warmth, sincerity, and humor. She is someone that is easy to find common ground with, and in my case that was over environmental conservation. I am so glad to have her representing us and working to protect our state’s natural resources. – Rachel