Reproductive Rights

Restore Reproductive Healthcare

In 1849, Wisconsin was only 1 year-old, and women did not have the right to vote. We were the 30th state, and the newest one (California wasn’t a state yet!). In that time, Wisconsin enacted a ban that criminalized abortion. This government edict makes abortion a crime regardless of the safety and well-being of the person carrying the pregnancy. No exceptions for rape, sexual assault – not even incest! The repeal of Roe v Wade made that archaic 174-year old ban the law of our state. This law has put hospital attorneys in charge of making healthcare decisions based on fear of lawsuits. In Wisconsin, we deserve to have medical decisions be a dialogue between patient and doctor – not a lawyer and their corporate client. Stripping away our rights is unacceptable.

We need to protect our medical professionals from being imprisoned for taking care of their patients, restore healthcare to conversations between a patient and their doctor, and restore the rights of people across Wisconsin. That is why I co-sponsored the bill to overturn this ban. We must live and legislate with empathy and compassion, and in this case that means overturning the archaic ban that went into effect when Roe v Wade fell.