Small Business

Small Businesses Strengthen Communities

Small businesses strengthen our communities, and are key to Wisconsin’s economy. 99.4% of Wisconsin businesses are small businesses. I am proud to serve as the Ranking Member on the Committee on Small Business Development, and also proud to have legislation that I wrote to help Mainstreet recover from COVID-19  included in the very first bill to be signed into law this session, Wisconsin 2021 Act 1.

Go Big For Small Business: The Small Business Portal

Working with experts in the needs of small businesses owners, and being a small business owner myself, I introduced legislation to create an online portal, or a “one-stop-shop”, for business owners to start, manage, and grow their businesses and change how they interface with the state. 

Once the portal evolves, it will both support a small business’s ability to compete with larger businesses with its competitive bidding process, and save the taxpayers money on municipal projects because of the benefit of competitive bidding.

Affordable Healthcare and Childcare

Every small business owner knows how hard it is to provide affordable healthcare for themselves, and their family. And, we also know how hard it is to access affordable childcare. Unaffordable healthcare, and childcare deserts across the state challenge Wisconsin small business owners, and businesses looking to locate in Wisconsin. I am committed to fighting for Wisconsin families to have affordable, accessible childcare and healthcare.