It’s easy for me to support Robyn Vining, because Robyn’s priorities match my values. 

Common sense gun reform? Of course. I want my grandchildren, and everyone’s grandchildren, to be safe from gun violence in their schools, neighborhoods and homes, while supporting the tradition of outdoor sportsmanship in our state. 

Good government? Yes. As Robyn does, I too want a fair and transparent government that works for the people of Wisconsin, rather than special interest groups. I want maps that are designed for fair representation, and a spirit of bipartisan compromise and agreement on issues. 

Affordable and high quality healthcare? Definitely. As a registered nurse, I support healthcare that promotes the health of all without regard to job status or preexisting conditions. 

I fully support Robyn Vining, a strong legislator who works hard to uphold the values we share. – Terri