Tony and Sue

The very idea of making the effort to provide constituents the opportunity to express their reasons for supporting Robyn provides a perfect example of her community-focused leadership philosophy. Robyn demonstrated that philosophy as she relentlessly knocked on thousands of doors during her first campaign, and it continues to be on full display through her actions and communications during her first term. 

Sue and I have supported Robyn since she announced her candidacy in 2018. We do so because Robyn consistently recognizes the diversity of needs and values within the district (and the State), and factors that spectrum of values into everything she does as a legislator and community leader. The State Assembly and Senate would be operating efficiently, effectively, AND fairly if they followed Robyn’s example. 

Sue and I have written postcards to other voters in the 14th Assembly District to promote Robyn’s re-election. We can’t fit all of our reasons on one postcard of course, but here are a few that we’ve highlighted:

– Robyn is open and honest about the personal values that guide her priorities and decision-making.

– Robyn listens and is highly responsive to her constituents.

– Robyn thinks independently yet seeks common ground where possible in order to act in a bipartisan manner. 

– Robyn is hard-working, forward-thinking, and trustworthy.


Each and every one of those qualities, reflect our values, as well as our expectations of our elected officials. – Tony and Sue