What I love about living in District 14 is the strength of our community. People talk to each other. They share stories and they listen—truly listen—to what others have to say. There is a spirit of neighbors taking care of neighbors, and an openness and trust among residents. If you’re having a bad day, it wouldn’t be surprising for someone to show up with a pie or another gesture to cheer you up. It sounds almost too good to be true, but it’s true!

I am lucky to experience our community as both a parent and a substitute teacher, and I know how unique it is. People in this district jump in and fill the need, wherever it exists.

When I think about the future and what type of leaders will help us move forward, I think of the compassion and genuine listening I see in our community. Robyn Vining exemplifies these values. Throughout the last campaign season, Robyn knocked on the doors of residents to ask them about their concerns and hopes. She listened, she empathized, and she took those conversations with her into office. Many residents commented that they had never seen their representatives or candidates for Assembly before, and they appreciated Robyn’s genuine concern for their wellbeing. I think compassionate leaders like Robyn will help restore people’s faith that government and leaders can be compassionate, honest, and responsive. – Vicki